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Throughway the usage of rule templates rewrite maps, .Net businesses, and one-of-a-kind capability incorporated into IIS manager, internet directors can without trouble set up guidelines to define URL rewriting conduct primarily based on HTTP headers, HTTP reaction or request headers, IIS server variables, or even complex programmatic rules. In addition, net administrators can work redirect, send customized retort, or stop HTTP requests based totally on the good judgment expressed within the rewrite regulations.A to Z SEO tool URL Rewrite 3.0 lets net directors create effective rules to enforce URLs that might be much less complicated for customers to endure in thoughts and less tough for search engines like google to discover


This free online URL Rewriting Tool by AtoZ SEO Tools is a super-efficient tool that quickly generates static URLs with just a single click. Simply copy the URL and paste into the box and submit. Our URL rewriter tool will instantly generate the result and provide you with a shorter and static URL.

We have developed this URL rewriting tool so that you can use to check and rewrite your website’s URLs. Keep in mind that static URL is always better than a dynamic URL because static URLs can rank better in search engines like Google. While, dynamic links are indexed at a slower rate by search engines than static links.

This URL rewriting tool is very easy to use and can provide you with quick results. There is no need to download the software on your PC because this is an online tool that you can use anytime you like; this way you get to save memory space. Also, you don’t need to pay any amount to use this URL rewrite generator because this tool is completely free of charge.

There are three good reasons why you need to rewrite URLs. First, it helps with search engine optimization, because search engines prefer URLs that don’t include long query strings. Second, if you have friendly static URLs, you have a higher chance that your pages will have better ranking in search engines and would help attract more traffic as they look more user-friendly to many web visitors. And third, it makes your web pages load faster as compared to having dynamic URLs. Hence, it has a more manageable interface.

URL Rewrite permits net directors to effortlessly construct effective rules the usage of rewrite companies written in .Net, regular expression sample matching, and wildcard mapping to look at facts in each URL and different HTTP headers and IIS server variables. Regulations can be written to generate URLs that may be less difficult for users to keep in mind, easy for engines like google to index, and permit URLs to follow a consistent and canonical host call format. URL Rewrite in addition simplifies the rule of thumb creation technique with support for content material rewriting, rule templates, rewrite maps, rule validation, and import of present mod_rewrite guidelines.



  • Not expensive to develop
  • Quick and easy to develop
  • Cost-efficient to host


  • Can only provide basic information
  • Web content can set off
  • Requires web know-how to modify or update


  • Dynamic website has more functionality
  • Very easy to operate and update
  • It lets web visitors interact without problems
  • It lets exchange of information between website owner and end-users


  • Expensive to host
  • Expensive to develop

For this, you will need to make a file called “.htaccess” and put the code generated into it. Once you have made the .htacess file, then copy it into your website’s directory. URL rewriting of this kind will only function if you are hosted on Apache Server.

If you have a clean and simple URLs (static URLs), major search engines can distinguish folder names and will be able to make actual links to keywords. Because when still using query string constraints, it may hinder in search engine’s attempt to perform indexing on your web pages. Most SEO experts say that dynamic URLs are not appealing to search engine spiders, whereas static URLs are more attractive to these crawlers which is helpful in getting a good page rank score.



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