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When we send the request then pinging the reaction of connection. This tool tells the record time from computer to a server. This software tools tells the connection of network whether it is broken or unbroken. This tool uses the feature of echo of ICMP. On a network an IP is send in a form of packet. This packet contains eight, fifty-six, and sixty-four bytes of facts. This tool also tells the time to finish. This tool is also used for sending request to search engines

Ping website tool;

If you are a manager of website and you want the website to ping, to check if your website is connecting on all the search engines. If you want that your website will rank on internet, for this purpose you will definitely need this tool. This website gives the best and excellent tools. That you can use in a very simple way

How to use this tool;

  1. Go to the search browser and search  A to Z website and then search this tool and click on it
  2. Now enter the URL address of your website in the given space
  3. Now in the category box there is default settings of others
  4. Scroll down now you can see the categories list.
  5. From there you can select the category of your website
  6. Now you can start pinging
  7. Now click the button ping now
  8. It will require some minutes to display results
  9. If your ping is successful then you can see a message that thanks for the ping

Ping test

The ping test is mostly use  that the host computer that you require to operate is working. This tool also used for chek the time of response  and troubleshooting.


What Is Backlink Checker?

What Is Backlink Checker?

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