What Is Backlink Checker?

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What is a Backlink Checker?

Backlink means a link that refers from one website to another.If your link to another webpage or domain they have a backlink from you.And if they link in our website then we have a backlink from the other party.It means if you are writing an article about wordpress and you embed the link to check wordpress site that means you are referring their website from your page.And if someone else while writing an article and linking to your website saying that this website have some great features or good content or anything.That means they are linking to our website and we will have a backlink from them.


While you are writing a content you must refer some people to other related content.And linking to someone else website.Because of this action your pages perform very well in search engines (SERRs).


Having a good idea of your own website backlinks and then improving it is an important thing in seo.You must analyze your backlinks to know whether you are receiving good backlinks and having enough or not.


So in order to check your site backlinks you must need any software where you are able to check and if you can find a free backlink checker tool will be a good thing for any content creator and website owner.


There are many backlink checker tools online available:

Ahrefs tool is one of the most popular platforms online by which you can deeply check insights of your backlinks and where they are coming from.When you do seo to your website you must  have to figure out how many backlinks you have on your website.It,s the most active free backlink checker tool.It,s in depth detail included these things.

  • Referral Domains 

  •  Backlinks 

  •  Domain Rating (DR) & URL Rating (UR) 

  •  Ahrefs Rank (AR)


This is another great online tools that is popular around the world when it comes to seo and also there are many different tools available.It has many amazing free and paid features that you can use to improve your website rankings.It,s backlink checker tool works very well and you can check analysis as well.Also you are able to check your competitors backlink in order to know exactly how well your site performing compare to your competitors.It includes page scores link type domain score source Url etc.


Seoreviewtools website is another great platform you can access to check free of cost backlinks and you can also check deep analysis.This platforms has got many more features for website seo and to check rankings and solve the issue on your website.Visit the website to check backlinks free of cost.


Smallseotools backlink checker tools is another great tool that has more than 100 other online website performance tools.They are a team of web developer and they upgrade all the tools on a monthly basis.Basically it's integrated with ahrefs to get more accurate measurement of backlinks of any existing website.You will get detailed backlink reports here that is more than enogh.


You can have tracking where your backlinks are coming from and the source URL as well.You can check from which pages bringing the most links.Also you can check your competitors valuable backlinks those are considering as high quality backlinks.Using these high quality backlinks you are able to bring more traffic to your website.It will show the possible opportunities to build high quality links for your website.


Atoz Seo Tools is alternate of smallseotools.It's exactly same as small seo tools.But Atoz Seo Tools have no ads on the site.But if you check smallseotools they are running google ads because of that you will be scrimped while using this tool.Atoz Seotool is the best free online backlink checker tool provides you in depth using it you can check high quality backlinks and where they are coming from.Also you can analyze this data to your competitors website to check which backlinks are high quality that are bringing them more traffic to their website.And then by helping Atoz Seo Tools  you can improve you backlinks.You can check here dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks also by using our best backlink checker tool.It,s similar to moz backlink checker tool.


If you are willing to check backlink analysis #1 recommended website is atoz seo tools that will give you more than enough and in depth report.You can check profile creation websites as well in order to create profile backlink to your website.


See below how you will see your website backlinks detailed report:



You will also get referring URL,s report referring domains referring IP,s and domain rating.Domain backlink checker best tools is totally free also our website offers different seo tools that you can use to measure your website performance.Also if you want to make top 100 sites backlink for your website checkout our free backlink maker here. 


Best backlinks you can get from wikipedia that will bring your more and more traffic.Our free tools will also make wikipedia backlinks for your website.You can check it here.


Hope you understand what are backlinks and why it is very important to have good backlinks to your website.Please check other free tools like plagiarism detector,Article Rewriter tool,Word Counter

Benefits Of Using Atozseotools Backlink Checker


  1. By using this tool you can discover and notified that where your backlink is coming

  2. You can perform audit and backlink analyses for any website

  3. Now you can research the best content

  4. By using this tool you can find competitors .and check their backlinks

  5. This tool also help to show the URL of website that is link to your website

  6. It also helps to show the anchor text that is linking to your website

  7. It also shows you the type of link

  8. It also shows you the ratings of URL

  9. This tool also helps to rank your website

  10. It provides organic traffic and organic keywords

How to use this tool;

  1. Firstly open the website and click on the tool backlink checker

  2. Now enter the URL  of your website in the given space

  3. Now you also can show external link

  4. Now click on Check Backlink . you have to complete the CAPTCHA.

  5. Now this tool shows the results. You also can download the report

How to use this information

  1. You can also do SEO with backlink details. It also provide backlink profile for the improvement

  2. You can also find lost backlink by using this tool

  3. You also can analyze the competitor link profile

  4. You can build strong relationship with the people linking to your sites

  5. You also can build better backlink profile


Backlinks are also beneficial for SEO because because it increase quality of backlink then it helps to rank your website on search engine


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