Moz Ahrefs website domain authority (DA PA) Checker tools

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Moz Ahrefs website domain authority (DA PA) Checker tools


In this article, we will discover how to properly check the DA & PA of any website. And what are the best practices to get this data very accurately? And especially where to check in order to get more accuracy.


What is (Domain Authority) DA?


It means the score of search engine ranking results of a specific domain that you are analyzing online. Domain authority checker created by a Software development company called Moz, it will give average results of your domain in what position it is ranking in google search engine.DA will be shown in numbers from 1 to 100. So the higher the number is more likely your site is performing well.


An example of DA numbers is this. Let's say you have 2 websites (Domains) and you want to check the site DA. The first URL DA is 15 and 2nd is 86. It means with the number of 86 sites performing very well and ranking in top search results and getting more traffic than the first URL that has DA 15.


What is Page Authority PA?


Page authority is likewise domain Authority. It is a score from 1 to 100 about a specific page how likely it is performing when it comes to search engine (google) ranking. This software was also created by


What is the difference between DA & PA?


DA stands for Domain Authority and it means the performance of your whole website.

PA means a performance of a specific Article or any of your website pages.


What are the best platforms to get DA & PA Accurate Report?


There are many online platforms for the DA & PA. The most popular DA checker online platform is which is free of cost and gives you 100% accurate results. our tool is a bulk DA checker tool using this you can check as many domains as you want.


Below is the list of bulk DA checker platforms that gives 100% accurate results..

Atozseo the #1 recommended tool to check domain authority and page authority as well. This will give you the best and 100% accurate results of any domain that you will search. In this platform, you can analyze and measure your website seo score using other 50 free features.

Moz DA-PA checker 


This is another great tool that will give you great results similar to of people are using this free tool to check their website seo and to check the ranking of any website


This is another free da checker and seo checker tool by which you can generate on-page off-page analysis reports. Millions of people are generating reports using this tool in order to get all types of seo reports and to rank higher in the google search engine.

Ahrefs DA Checker

Ahrefs bulk da checker l is an awesome online web place, especially inaccuracy. It will give you a similar report of like another top website. Also, this tool has more other features in order to measure your seo scores. Ahrefs provides a backlink checker keyword generator and some other features that you can use to rank higer and get organic traffic.

Robin Gupta da checker

This tool has great features and it,s famous mostly in India in order to measure the ranking of your URL. This tool also provides you with the best solution for ranking higher your website in search results. Using the robin Gupta da checker tool you can see other reports like spam score google indexing e.t.c.


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