Blogging Tips For Beginners

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Blogging Tips For Beginners 

Are you looking to create a blog and be a successful blogger? As a blogger, do you want to be a successful long-term blogger and make a good amount of money? After reading this article you will understand how to be a successful blogger. Today I will share with you the basics of blogging things that you must need to follow in order to be a top blogger and rank your blog in google search results in no time.

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Understand your audience:

Understand Your Audience


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The first thing that I understand is understanding your audience and solve their problems. Once you understand your audience’s pain. And solve their pain that day you will become a successful blogger. When you understand the psychology of your audience then you can create better content for them to engage more. If you are writing a great article without thinking about your audience’s needs there is no benefit to writing that type of content. Because your it,s not what your audience wants to see. Somehow if they reach your blog but they didn’t,t get any valuable content they will simply move to another blog. First, you must understand who is your target readers and what problems they want to solve. If it,s a niche-related blog about health in a specific thing you must have an idea of what is their pain and how you can solve it by using great content. And what you are offering them special and why they have to stick and engage on your blog. There should be a big value that you will provide them. You should be thinking always that you are helping them in every aspect. And when you start doing these types of practices you will see a huge fan base around you.

Pick A Niche That makes You Money By Engaging The Audience:

The most important thing is that you pick a niche you love to write about. And you understand about it. And after that, you should think about the money at the end you want to make money by doing blogging. So bear in mind you must do some research about the topics that you want to work on. Make sure that the niche you are going to choose has huge organic search and traffic. Do your keyword research using free google keyword planner so you can get an idea of how much organic traffic searches your niche is getting per month. If it has less organic search then you will not be able to monetize your blog to make money. 


As you will search about the organic traffic you also need to check the competition indexed in your search results. As you can see below the attached photo this data is collected from google keyword planner. You need to search about your topic and then download some keywords and after that, you need to sort them as I did and highlighted keywords with low competition and less competition indexed about some keywords.

As you can see how easy it is to get an idea of any topic just by searching on google keyword planner and after that you have all the results that you want. By using this free tool you can always have a very high chance if you are creating content those are less competitive and has a high search volume. In the starting just try to find a keyword that has 0 competition indexed. Competition indexed means that a specific keyword that has 0 index competition means that no one wrote about that keywords. And you can do this practice by writing good content and get millions of organic views from google without spending any money. I did these practices a lot and I am telling you by my experience.


Blogging Platform:

Choosing the right blogging platform means that you need to ask yourself what you want to do. Do you only want to test whether you can be a good writer or successful blogger or do you want something else? It depends on alot of things the purpose of your blogging. You might be want to make a blog and after that, you can do paid promotions about some recurring payment software or you might want simply start a blogging journey to earn some extra cash. In my opinion don,t just go in the starting for your own domain and hosting it will cost you, and also if you are doing the blogging you need to spend some money on plugins themes and there is alot more if you go in deep.



What if I tell you a platform where you just need to make your own blog and you will get huge traffic for free from the platform itself. Also, you will have your own domain name and you can share it with others without spending any money.

So I am going to introduce you to that platform. You may hear about it. It is the ever best platform called is a publishing platform where you can publish about any topic you want. And readers all around the world can read about almost all topics. Let me show you medium monthly traffic --See below-attached photo

This screenshot is taken by me as you can see it has 155.80 million monthly traffic to it,s website, and left side you can see posts that written by different people. So it is a good chance for you to write some content here and when your content gets good traffic you will earn commissions you don,t need to pay anything here it,s 100% free so just start from here.

When you have a good amount of traffic and you understand how it works.And how to write posts that go viral. Then you can go ahead and start your own blog. You can paste your website link there and you will have traffic from medium to your blog. This will be a good and high-quality backlink to your blog in the starting and your site ranking also will be improved using a medium backlink.



WordPress is a free platform where you can create your own blog and you can get many features.WordPress has millions of plugins and free themes that you can use especially when you are new. There are many other platforms like But the best and the most popular platform is WordPress.

So I recommend you to use WordPress in order to have a successful blog with great features and themes.



Headlines are most important this as a blogger you need to understand that it,s a very big skill if you can make catchy headlines and get people’s attention. Because whenever you will have a new visitor to your site they quickly scroll down and see some headline titles of your article and if you have some great and attractive headlines you will get their attention and they will stick and engage with your content. So this is the first thing and also you don,t want to write like a big story that has no highlighted points titles, and descriptions.

You must need to highlighted specific points in order to engage your audience. When your headlines are specific your audience can clearly understand all about your content. Always remember about your bonus points free subscriptions free course and whatever you offer to your visitors highlight them so they can go for it.

Try AtoZ SEO FREE Tools To Check Your Website Ranking:


Valuable Content:

Always remember that valuable content means that everything you are writing should be easy to read. And it has the right meaning of what your audience wants to understand.

There are some rules that you need to follow:


The main headline goes here for Example:

  • Subheading write a short description here

  • Using short subheading user understand what they are going to read

Avoid very long explanations it should be as long as your audience can easily understand what you are talking about.

If it is necessary use images that can help users understand via photos.

Create great look photos and tell your users about your ideas. Must avoid copyright photos. Give your users a better understanding of vision so they can get good and valuable thoughts. Always try to ask them and start with a question then provide them a good value using real examples.

Editing And Publishing your content:

What is all about editing and publishing. You know whenever you write something you must make mistakes. You must think about it if your content has some spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes or it does not look very well what impact will be on your audience or visitors. They will think like that oh see this person he/she wrote wrong spells and or the look of your content is very bad if they did,t take time to edit and publish it in a good way. Why do we spend our time here to read this creepy article? And they will jump to somewhere else.

Because you think if you are listening to a speech of a person who don,t speak in a good way. Will you focus on what he is saying? No, you will not focus because you already have an impact on him that he himself is not perfect. How he can teach us something. Always use Grammarly Application so you will not have any grammar mistakes.



Successful stories always mention consistency and passion for work. If you start blogging that means you love writing and you need to keep this practice almost every second day or once a week. Try to write at least a small post about anything every day because you understand if you just think I will write every second day or every week these weeks can become months and you will lose the potential and you might quit. So try to do this practice every day. You must do this work by maintaining discipline. Let,s be honest with yourself and when you will be honest with yourself. Obviously, you will maintain everything smoothly. Don,t ever write when you want it just do it be schedule. So you will have a schedule of how often you are going to post is it weekly basis or daily basis. In this way, you can calculate where you can read within the next 6 months.


Hope this will help you in your blogging journey



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