Top 7 best page speed insight checker tools

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Top 7 best page speed insight checker tools:

There are many tools online available by which you can check the metrics, performance, and page speed insights. By using it you can measure your site performance and get the correct data and you will see some options to solve the issues that you are having at your Url.


Today we will discover the best online platforms in order to check the website performance and how to solve it in seconds. You probably wondering to have the best user experience like a high authority website and make it look like a pro online platform that has no error in loading pages.


Why it is important to check the page speed insights of your website?


When a visitors land on your website his first experience to trust about any platform is speed. If it,s somehow down or taking too long while loading user will skip the page you will lose the visitors. Also, your rankings get down in the google search engine. For example, you have an online store running, and when a visitor input a keyword your website appears on top. The user clicks on your online store and tries to buy the products that he/she is interested in. 


But unfortunately, the user got a bad experience in loading time. They must skip and run away and try to open another alternate website. In this way, you will lose the customers day by day. This is a red signal for you as the owner of a website that is having issues like this.


What are the things that can cause low page speed?


1. Long load time:


When we talk about the low page speed of any webpage the first thing is your server loading time. If your server not delivering the content quickly you either need to change the hosting provider or you can upgrade the plan that delivers fast content. You should check out from the hosting providers the plan currently you are using for your website is either good enough or not. There are different plans and each plan has a limit of visitors. If you are currently using a plan that can manage 20k users per month but you are having more than that. You must upgrade it and then your site performs better than before.


 Example of how content delivery networks deliver your content.


If your server cannot bear the load it will get down. Better to have a look at it first and try to buy from a good service provider like Or these 2 platforms are the most popular ones.


2. Rendering Codes:


Rendor blocking codes is another big issue. You might have heard of it. All websites are having these codes in javascript or CSS. These are the codes that every website has because Java script is a code programming language that is used by your side (client) and server-side as well. If you have a small error in your coding this can cause slow down your website.


Javascript Code Example:


If you are having issues with your java scripts you can check this in order to solve your problem.


3.HTTP Requests:


Let me explain to you what is the meaning of HTTPS requests. It means hypertext transfer protocol. Whenever someone visits our website there are a set of requests being made on your online web server where you host your domain. Every request will have a reaction and each server may have a hard and fast wide variety of concurrent requests it can handle. The greater requests you've got, the more requests your server will need to address, and the longer it'll take to respond. Hope you understand about HTTPS function and this issue you can solve from your hosting provider.


Let,s Discover now 7 best speed testing checker tools online:


  1. Atozseotools


This is a great platform to check your website page speed insights. The #1 recommended tool in order to get more seo tools and check all types of errors in your website. It,s free of cost and you will have other 50 tools that can generate more reports to find issues in your URL, Page, Domain, Backlinks, and much more. It,s a trusted platform and gives you 100% accuracy used by millions of people.


How to use atozseotools page speed insight checker?


It,s very easy and simple to use when you are on the atozseotools website speed checker you will see this page:


And then press submits button to get results. You will be shocked you will have all the data in order to measure your URL performance like your website score out of 100. Also loading experience warnings user agent screenshot of your front page. In-depth detail about javascript CSS images attribution minify CSS. As you can see some results in the below-attached photo.


  1. Pingdom:


This is 2nd recommended tool for you to check website speed scores.It will give you a broad detail of your URL totally for FREE. You just need to click on Request a free demo. Signup and then just enter your domain name and it will generate a cool report of your webpage. This platform is 100% trusted and mostly used by top-tier countries like America united kingdom and canada.



  1. Google Page Speed Insights:


This is another great tool provided by Google itself. It,s totally free of cost no need to register on google page speed insights. It will automatically check all the data mobile and desktop performance including a total score from 0 to 100. If it,s higher number means your URL performing well. If everything is ok it will show you in green highlights. If something is critical google page speed tester will highlight it in red color. Check the below-attached photo report using the google site checker tool.


  1. GT Metrix:


GT Metrix is a Canadian-based company that has the ability to check the performance of any webpage and URLs,.It generates a very high-quality report and also gives you solution to solve the issue. Each critical issue will be highlighted and you will have the opportunity to auto-resolve it.


How to use GT Metrix to generate page speed tests?


It,s very easy to use you don,t have to register on this website in order to get the results. Just go to the website or write in google the first result you will find click on it and you will see this interface.


Enter your URL domain name and click on test your site. It will start scanning all of your pages and generate an in-depth report of your domain in seconds.

See below-attached report generated by


  1. Yellowlab:


The yellowlab is a free online speed test insight platform where you are able to analyze your website performance. It is very simple and easy-to-use software. It generates a cool report and gives you the solution to any error that you get on your website. It will measure all types of data like page speed index, global score, page weight, Dom complexity,JX complexity, Jquery, CSS complexity, and much more.


In order to use yellowlab just click here and you will see this first page just enter your domain name here press launch test.


After hitting the launch test button you will see this many details of your web pages:


  1. Seoptimer:


SEOptimer is an internet site Audit & Reporting platform which can comprehensively evaluate an internet site in under 30 seconds. We review and record the critical factors engines like google care about when ranking a page, in addition to matters that matter to users consisting of page load velocity and mobile usability.


Just write in google seoptimer and click on first result sign-up is not required to check any website URL.


Final results…



  1. Semrush:

This is a popular tool having more than 10 million traffic every month. It has the most popular tools like site audit including page speed insight, keyword paid, and free methods. Bulk analysis link building backlink and much,s user interface is very clean and provides such informative information. It provides real-time data and also solutions of every aspect when it comes to web development and seo scores. Have a look at it,s clean features.



You just enter your Url and press the start audit button and then you will see huge pieces of information, errors, critical, issue, webpage speed scores e.t.c



I hope you will find the best software to check your web page speed insights. If you want to check other relative tools that are totally free. Click here to view all these awesome tools provided by


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