Word Counter and Plagiarism

Word counter and plagiarism   Word counter Besides counting the words and characters manually we have developed a tool where we count words within seconds either of how many ranges of words are. You can see the number of words or characters increase and decrease as you type and edit them. We are here to help you not only just to count the words but also to detect grammatical errors and plagiarism in which you can check either your content is fake or uniquely write. How to check count words?...
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get response vs mailchimp

Do you know the difference between GetResponse and MailChimp? You've come to the correct location, where all of your questions will be answered by the conclusion of the post. Have you ever wondered why every successful marketer makes getting more emails their number one priority? Here are some answers. Why do most of the marketing experts believe that money is on the email list? The explanation is simple: email marketing has the best ROI. Every email subscriber is worth an average of $40 for every $1 you spend, according...
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Boost Your Online Business Using Buzzsumo

Nothing is more useful in our content world than gathering the data underlying it all. And when it comes to data collection, Buzzsumo is a one-stop-shop.   Competitive analysis, industry research, and even influencer identification are just a few of the things you can perform with the data provided by Buzzsumo. You will no longer need to trawl the internet, putting together fragments of information from many sources. Scraping and unappealing datasets are no longer an issue. Buzzsumo explores the social web, identifying content and all relevant information and presenting...
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A to Z SEO Tools Features

Keyword Density Checker Keyword density is simply the number of times a keyword appears in a piece of content. Previously, a significant proportion was required to achieve the top positions in organic search result pages. However, today's reality is very different, and keyword density is significantly lower. We don't have a specific number because Google never advised us of the best practice in this regard. In practice, however, up to 2% has produced positive results in our analyses. It's important to remember that keeping track of how many times a...
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What is Word Counter | How To Use It?

What is an online word counter? Word counter simply means to count the words using online word counter tools especially when you need specific numbers of words for your need in different aspects. It might be an essay or an application, academic-specific demand. It also can be a Twitter post that allows a 140 to 280 characters limit. Facebook post description 100 to 250 characters is the most recommended by facebook.com. Also, google text ads recommended words are 300 characters. So simply it means that in many aspects you need...
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What exactly is Robots.txt?

What exactly is Robots.txt? It's worth looking up the definition of robots.txt to get a better idea of what this file is used for. For indexing, the search engine goes to a website and requests robots.txt. If the robots.txt file is missing, then a 404 error will occur. This indicates to the visitor of your website that something is amiss. As a result, your visitors are very unlikely to return. If you use a robots.txt file, this will not happen. You can specify which parts of the website should not...
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